Recovering from Spiritual Violence


Question: What Tools are available for help with recovery?
Question: What Strategies can help people in recovering from their experience of Spiritual Violence?
Question: How can we Motivate people to become interested in Recovery?
Question: How can we Help the people we know to recover from acts of Spiritual Violence?

There are a variety of Resources we can use to Recover from the experience of Spiritual Violence in our lives.

Recovering from Spiritual Violence

It is important that we –
(a) Identify resources that are available for the reduction of Spiritual Violence, and
( b) Make these resources available to all persons, groups, and communities that want to make a difference by reducing the incidence and/or  intensity of the experience of Spiritual Violence for people today.

How can we help people recover from the Spiritual Violence that they experience in their primary relationships and in their daily lives?  What can we do?

It is important that we find ways to help people develop an understanding of the primary factors that are involved in recovery.

Our hope is that our research my result in the development of new and more effective tools for recovery.