Understanding Spiritual Violence


Question: What is Spiritual Violence?
Question: What are typically ways that people understand Spiritual Violence in their lives? And, how effective are these ways?

Question: How can develop better Understanding of Spiritual Violence in our lives?

Is is important that we develop a better Understanding of the role/dynamics of Spiritual Violence in our lives.

Understanding Spiritual Violence

Throughout my life time, I have been involved in several changes taking place in the world. Many of these changes have taken place because of changes in the ways that people understood what was happening.

One of the most important changes that needs to take place is for us to begin to view Spiritual Violence as a part of the human experience – rather than simply making ourselves “wrong” for both our experience and for our response/reaction to it.

I have mentioned that several decades ago, most people thought “parenting” was a natural thing. They thought that it was NOT possible to “learn” parenting skills. Now, nearly everybody thinks that it is possible for a person to improve their parenting skills.

The change that needs to take place involves a shift in our thinking and/or our acquiring a different mindset. Our research will explore different mindsets, for example, the external mindset, the historical mindset, and the heroic mindset.

These mindsets inform how we view several things: other people, ourselves, and how we deal with the experience of Spiritual Violence in our lives.

It is also important that we examine questions of the origin of Spiritual Violence, the nature of Spiritual Violence, and the dynamics of Spiritual Violence